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physical, spiritual and emotional healing - healing family tree

5 months ago by antonella Pray for me
I ask the Lord to heal my family tree, to break every bond with living or dead people who can harm me and my loved ones and prevent our physical healing. I hope that Jesus will help me to understand what I have to change in my life by giving me the grace to do so and help me to convert my family too. Jesus with His Passion has finally delivered us from the power of darkness and has broken our chains, so also for my family, alive and dead, for those who have done evil and acted against the law of God. All my family and allow us to forgive all those who hurt us and ask Jesus for what I can not know and understand, forgive and mercy for all. Invoke all my family the blessing of God and all grace is granted to us for the body and for the soul. Jesus grants forgiveness and peace to my dear loved ones, and frees all my family from every curse or action of the evil one. Thank you.

Pray for Eric

5 months ago by anonymous Pray for me
Prayer Request There is no greater hope for me than God's blessings to be upon my friend Eric.My hope ids that Eric need salvation and healing in and through Jess Christ!!!! You could do nothing greater for me than to pray for Eric.Yes, please pray for Eric that he will be happy, healthy, and filled with real everlasting joy... "Abba Father, I uphold Eric to you.Please enfold him in your love, grace, mercy, and boundless compassion.May he know that you love him more than anyone could hope!!! Bless his family and friends... Bless the place were he lives.Please keep him safe and send Godly Saints of God to speak the truth in love.I pray for God;s best for Eric in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!!!


8 months ago by Cheryl Pray for me
Pls. pray for conversion, transformation, & Healing of the Family Tree of: Lolita, John Allan, Rosemarie, John Allan II, Rhianne Rhylle, Marife, Aljhon, Johanna, Miguel, Joshua, Hernan, Eileen, Baby Ma. Angela, Josh Wayne, Lynette, Baby LJ, Ronald, Ma. Cecilia, Bonifacio Jr., Cheryl, Eddie Jr., Danilo, Michael, Janice, Corazon, Mark, Anne, Joy, Grace, Mini, Sonny, Jay Paul Elmer, Tripona, Alma, Virginia, Mercedita, Aurelio, Wiam Mohammed, Mary Jane, Micthelle, Michael, Pablo, Rodrigo, & Visitacion. Amen.

deliverance healing protection and blessing

9 months ago by julian Pray for me
please pray for son Alroyd (convert islam) wife islam shaista and 2 kids residing with her family mother Zubeda who has turned vicious and dangerous and taking upper hand and compelling according to her will with shaista and bro rizwan at my son and myself julian and could possibly harm us physically. Pray that we be delivered from this dangerous situation and son is blessed with permanent job and does not lose or throw it away as several times in the past creating bad impression upon potential employers. that all come to Jesus Christ and accepts as their true Saviour. thank you